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Easier to store and cheaper to buy than real cars! loads of people collect toy cars, including newly-built toys and models such as those sold via these websites.
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One of the most famous toy makers of all time - Corgi. Have a look around their excellent website, and buy any of their models via the site linked to here. Along with cars, they also have an extensive collection of Aviation subjects to choose from, and a great choice of vintage motorcars in their 'Days Gone' range. If military vehicles are more of interest, have a look at those sold by Corgi - there are some interesting subjects covered, including an Iraqi collection, featuring contemporary military vehicles (both surface and airborne - eg tanks, B1 & B52 bombers etc). Traditional subjects such as classic and modern buses, commercial vehicles, and old/new Minis are included too. Both Corgi and Vanguards models can be bought.

If film-related toy cars are your bag, take a look at the James Bond 007 collection, and other groups of vehicles for TV/Film productions such as Captain Scarlet, Batman, Dr Who, Postman Pat, Star Trek and more. Finally, the excellent Vanguards toys can also be purchased via the Corgi site. Loads of classic cars form the full group of Vanguard models, so if any of the following are suitable for your purchasing requirements, visit the website today:

BMC Minivan, Austin Allegro SS, Austin Healey, Cambridge, A35, Morris Minor, Marina, Minor van & pickup, Moggy convertible, Ford Escort, Granada Mk1, Zephyr, Sierra Cosworth, 5cwt Fordson van, Lotus Cortina, Mk1 Transit, Escort Mk1, Consul, Consul Classic, Jaguar XJ6 Series 1 (inc police cars!), supercharged XJR, racing X300 series, Land Rover Defender, Range Rover, Police Vehicles inc Vauxhall Astra, 3500 Rover SD1, Morris Minor and Mini vans, Hillman Imp, Sunbeam Alpine, Singer Coupe (Chamois), Minx, Rover P5, P6, MG ZT, Rover 75, SD1 VDP, Triumph Stag, Dolomite Sprint, 2000 & 2500S, Triumph Spitfire 4 sports car, TR3A, and various Vauxhalls including Cavalier Mk2, Viva Brabham, HB Vivas, Cresta PA rally car & taxi, several modern Vauxhalls, and even the great rock & roll F Series Victor.
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