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Outdoor buildings.

If there's one thing I'm always short of, it's storage space outside. My car is parked up cosily in the garage, and our existing wooden garden shed is bulging with gardening tools and paraphenalia.

Dry outdoor buildings are a godsend for the avid car or motorcycle fan, whether it's a simple wood or metal storage unit, an apex-roofed building, or full-blown workshop/garage. They have a number of uses, including storage of valuable tools and spare parts.

Car garage
Extra buildings can also be very useful working areas. You can make as much mess as you like, drilling or sanding components down, and you don't get your parked car covered in rubbish, which you would if you did these jobs in the same space as the clean car!

Equally, if you're restoring the main structure of a car in the existing garage, you can store parts that might be damaged by welding spatter well out of harm's way in the building outside, until such time as they are needed.

DIY Tools
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In addition to an impressive selection of equipment, DIY Tools also sell a range of sheds and full-size garages.

What better present idea than a brand new garage? order one today, just visit their website via the link alongside and go to the Garden Buildings section.

The Garden Factory
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The Garden Factory sell a range of outdoor buildings, including sheds and workshops, from their online store.

Even if you've not got a great deal of exterior space, chances are you can squeeze in an extra garden shed. The Garden Factory can sell them direct to you via their online shop, so this unusual gift idea is both quick and easy to order. Various exterior units and buildings are available, from the smallest storage boxes fitted with a sloping, lockable, lid, through the traditional garden shed and on to heavy duty sheds and outbuildings, all of which come with self-assembly instructions.

If you're having trouble thinking of a present to buy the old-vehicle fan in your life, why not consider something like this? Wooden buildings breath very well too, so complete vehicles such as motorcycles can be stored quite easily.
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