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How's this for a gift idea that lasts all year long, and won't cost an arm and a leg either? subscribe a friend to one of these top car or motorcycle magazines, and be in their good books for a full 12 months!

Choose from several different mags, catering for fans of 2 or 4 wheeled transport, historic or bang up-to-date!
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You can subscribe to any of the following magazine titles at

Published by EMAP, these motoring mags are some of the best-known titles in their respective subject areas. Classic car enthusiasts can choose from Practical Classics or Classic Cars magazine, both of which cater for the old-car fan. The former title is perhaps more hands-on, and usually covers the more affordable end of the collector's car market, whereas Classic Cars tends to focus on more pricey machinery.

If more recent motors are your thing, then you've got the choice of Car magazine, LRO (Land Rover Owner International), Max Power (for the modified car owner), or Parker's Car Price Guide - magazines that focus on the latest models and developments.

Motorcyclists haven't been forgotten either though! visit GreatMagazines and take your pick from titles like Classic Bike, Bike (for modern motorcycles), Performance Bike (for the quick stuff!), Ride, and What Bike? Subscription orders for the weekly MotorCycling News (MCN) can also be made at this site.

A subscription to any of these titles will save money over the course of a year, so instead of buying each issue at the newsagent, why not get it delivered to your doorstep every month, usually in advance of copies hitting the newsagent's shelves?
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