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Car Tools.

You can never have too many tools!! at least that's what I think. If you know someone who does their own maintenance, and is keen to maintain their car or motorcycle in peak condition, a selection of new tools can make for a great present.
DIY Tools
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DIY Tools offer an enormous range of hand and powertools to suit the keenest of DIYers, both indoors and down in the garage!

Whatever you're looking for, from a cheap set of spanners, to more expensive products such as compressors and air tools, the online store at DIY Tools is well worth a look.

Tooled Up
Visit Site >>> stock a vast array of handy tools, including both hand and power tools, many of which can be used for working on cars (and could also be put to good use around the home, hint hint!).

As well as the usual drills, saws, hammers and screwdrivers, you'll also find air compressors & tools, sealants, DIY videos, carpentry tools, accessories and lots of consumables. There is an automotive section too, which contains all manner of handy gift ideas, for instance battery chargers, polishers, jacks & stands, tarpaulins and so on. All keen mechanics like to keep their car in top condition, so something as obscure as a grease gun, or tasty retro oil pourer, would I'm sure be a welcome present!! The Garage & Workshop section contains a heap of heavy duty tools such as engine lifting gear and chassis straighteners. So if you're looking to buy a gift for a real petrolhead, somewhere like Tooled Up might just be the place to go looking.
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